Making Plans for Poetry

A glorious 1st April morning at Acton Scott!  Sunshine warmed my back as I was shown round the farm.  A Norfolk Black turkey cock gobbled at us and fanned his tail.  A small hen took a dustbath under a waggon.

Acton Scott Roadman's Poet Hut lr“Would it be alright if you worked in this?”  said Sal.
It really would.  Very alright.

You’re looking at the Shepherd Poet’s Hut.

From here poems will be read, written, shared and hugely enjoyed.


We Acton Scott dairyexplored the bailiff’s house, which contains a dairy whose years of cheese-making have permeated its cool walls, so that you breathe in a faint sour scent of milk just as the door opens.

Acton Scott schoolroom



Upstairs is a schoolroom, with single wooden desks and an authoritarian atmosphere.  This is the kind of place to write poems that require syllables counted (on the abacus?), or a very strict rhyme scheme…

We’ve got an outline now of the days I’ll be on site at the Farm – for more information just click here.


4 thoughts on “Making Plans for Poetry

  1. We went to Acton Scott 25th May 2014 it was amazing. My siblings and I went
    on a horse and fed lambs but the best time was getting a poem written for me by Jean Atkin herself. It will always be a precious memory forever. Thanks

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