First Poems & Found Farm Poems

Acton Scott Poetry Fence Mary Webb mrI hung a short Mary Webb poem on The Poetry Fence this morning.  My first ‘proper’ day as Poet in Residence is Easter Sunday… but while I put up posters and created the Found Farm Poems trail, I met lots of curious people who wanted to know what I was up to.

Better still, I met Ella, who wanted to write a poem.  Since Ella is only 5, Acton Scott Ella's poem mrshe talked and I scribed.  For Ella, it was all about Dusty, the donkey.

Dusty was lovely.
I looked in his brown eyes.
His coat was soft 
like feathers.

The project’s very first poem written at Acton Scott in 2014!

Acton Scott Joe & Charlie mrActon Scott Found Farm Poem Board 5  mrAnd then Charley and Joe powered past us, on their way in for a break. Dust rose, and the noise, and size and weight of them passing stops visitors in their tracks.

I got on with putting up the Found Farm Poem trail.  There are five Found Farm Poem Boards, and you pick up a sheet to fill in words on.

Each Board has ‘found’ language on it, from farming books, catalogues and histories.  You shut your eyes, use the little stick tied to the bottom of each Board to point to a line of words, then write that line down on your sheet.  When you find another Board (they’re all over the farm) you do it again.  And lo!  at the end you have a Found Farm Poem, absolutely personal to you, and created by purest chance!

Here’s one we, um, made earlier…
Acton Scott This is a Found Farm Poem mr



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