Send us a Poem!

Calling poets everywhere!  

Please write us a short poem for an old farm.  

Acton Scott barn

Your poem should be just 4 to 6 lines long.  It can be about Acton Scott, if you like, or about an old farm anywhere on the planet.  Send it straight to Jean(at)

Your poem will be published and displayed at Acton Scott Historic Farm this summer.  It will flutter from a ribbon on the Poetry Fence – like this one –

Acton Scott Poetry Fence Mary Webb mr

– where it will be read and enjoyed by visitors, and a photo of it will go up on this blog and be shared on social media to a roar of poetry approval…


3 thoughts on “Send us a Poem!

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  2. I enjoyed the childrens poems because they are like Haiku. They capture a personal moment of concrete experience. A moment in time – written with few words with big intentions.

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