Charlie was as dusty/ as a June field

I came upon a group of children from Moffats school this morning. Strikingly, eight of them were yoked to a plough.  They were taking part in a demonstration of just how challenging it is to plough a straight furrow (even in grass, not earth).

Later a lovely group of them visited me in the Shepherd Poet’s Hut, and we wrote a poem together.  Thank you Tom, Harriet, Daisy, Joshua, Clara, Avril – and Kate, their teacher.  Here they are, in front of the pigsty later, proudly holding their Acton Scott Farm Poem.
Moffats school & poetry postcard Wed 11 JuneHere’s the first part of their poem:

Moffats school poem1 Wed 11 JuneAnd here’s the end of the poem…

Moffats school poem2 Wed 11 June

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