‘no longer the celebrity rock pig’…

Oh, but the poems are still coming in!  I’m enjoying them!

The Half-And-Half Pig

The Half-And-Half Pig

Here’s a beauty from Meg Cox, about That Pig, and the passage of time.






Half and Half Pig

When I first saw a photo of him
the piglet half Old Spot

and half Tamworth,
divided, one end of each,

cradled in a man’s arms,
he was a star already,

had attracted visitors,
been oohed over, gone viral.

When I saw him for real he was older
and he didn’t look quite so special,

blending with his siblings,
no longer the celebrity rock pig.

When I last asked after him
I was answered with a farmer’s shrug.

Meg Cox

and this one:

Agricultural machinery draws my focus,
the craftsmanship of shape.
The pumpkin, orange cart
with scalloped undercarriage
and devilled forked hinges.

A slight bow on the upper ridge,
Paintwork framed in thick, black lines.
I think not of the work of this cart
Horse drawn and hard,
only of the shape and colour.

Nina Lewis

Poems For The Farm event 004








A Poem for a Pig

The Half-And-Half Pig

The Half-And-Half Pig

On Easter Monday The Half-And-Half Pig was surrounded by constant admirers.  I lost count of the people who asked for a poem about him.  So I’ve written one, to his orange eyelashes.

The Half-and-Half Pig

Snout to shoulders he’s dipped
in Tamworth orange, smooth
as a carrot, his father’s son.

Ribs to rump he’s paper-white,
coarse as a yard brush, ink-blotted
by his Old Spot ma.