Poetry Workshop: Old Buttons and a Donkey’s Arse

In perfect June sunshine, we enjoyed a Poetry Workshop at Acton Scott today! This group was a treat to work with, and kept providing me with evidence of their observant poetic eye. Poems were developing about the brick kiln, butter-making, piglets, old buttons stored in jamjars, Dusty the donkey (‘arse to the visitor’) and more.  I’m looking forward to receiving them…Poetry Workshop best mr

Then Nina swopped with me, so I’m on this one:

Poetry Workshop plus me mr

Book for a Poetry Workshop on the Farm

Acton Scott 10th Apri new lamb in bowl mr

You never know what you might find on the farm

An unusual poetry workshop right in the middle of Acton Scott Historic Working Farm, led by Poet in Residence Jean Atkin on Sunday 1st June, 10.30am to 12.30pm.

Jean creates surprising, playful ways to explore  poetic creativity. She will help you find new writing in the place and rhythms of the working farm. You’ll find yourself exploring unexpected new worlds beneath your poetry’s topsoil…

Cost: £10. Everyone welcome, please contact Jean to book via jean [at] wordsparks dot co dot uk (desperate attempt to reduce spam). Places are limited – get in touch quick!

Bring warm clothes, strong footwear, a notebook and something to write with. There is an excellent café on the farm, with the most heartwarming counter-full of cakes.