‘I sink into the hammock by the haystack./ This is the life.’

Now you’re halfway through ‘Poems for the Farm’.  There now follows an interval of the most moist, fruity scones, dark red bowls of Acton Scott strawberry jam, with whole fruits bobbing lusciously – and towering dishes of rich whipped cream…

Poems For The Farm cream teas mr

We piled on the cream…

Poems For The Farm audience2 hr

Cream Tea queue at ‘Poems for the Farm’






Then more poetry…

Poems For The Farm Andy FP mr

Andrew Fusek Peters read: ‘Jackdaw handle hinge of the world…’

Poems For The Farm Jean reads mr

I read: ‘He talks of haymaking/ and June storms,/ of the lightning-struck horses/ out in the open.’

Poems For The Farm Mike Turner reads mr

Mike Turner read his son Oliver’s poem. Oliver is 15, a poet, but away at a drama rehearsal.

Poems For The Farm Steve Harrison mr

Steve Harrison read: ‘Wireless chickens/ pecking, preening,/ just solar-powered.’

Poems For The Farm Nadia reads mr

Nadia Kingsley read: ‘His bottom/ curves, in delicate fashion; his anus/ twitches; his lower jaw swings…’

Poems For The Farm Liz Roberts reads mr

Liz Roberts read: ‘He half turns his head,/ and through his whiskers whispers:/ ‘I miss the sea, the hiss and sucking sound…’

Poems For The Farm Adrian Perks reads mr

Adrian Perks reads: ‘I sink into the hammock by the haystack./ This is the life. My girl by my side./ At night we lie together under stars…’

Poems For The Farm Helen Paris mr

Helen Paris reads: ‘Green smothers black as/ the sun, weak for so long,/ pulses and warms.’



2 thoughts on “‘I sink into the hammock by the haystack./ This is the life.’

  1. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all. What a great finish to a project which for me has evoked so many memories of childhood visits to Acton Scott. Apologies again for my absence.

    Cherry x

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