The Shires and ‘a language/ of pressures and touch’

Thank you Chris Kinsey for this fine poem which she’s contributed to Acton Scott.  Here it is inside the Shepherd Poets’ Hut.

Poem for Hut Chris KinseyAfter I’d put it up, I met Andrew Fusek Peters, for a second session taking photographs of the farm.  I’m writing from his work – it’s turning into a hugely exciting collaboration – and we set off to find the Shires.  Our timing was perfect: Simon was harnessing the horses in the stable, and filing Joe’s hind hoof where he’d lost a shoe earlier in the day.
Simon filing Joe's hoofAndy took photos.  I love this one, of the old Shire mare, Tory, who is retired now, but so gentle she’s first pick for small children to handle and sit on.

Photo by Andrew Fusek Peters

Photo: Andrew Fusek Peters

Then we followed the horses to Hall Meadow and the mowing.  Andy took more photographs (of which more later) and I’m working on some words.
Mowing with Joe & Charlie 1

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