A Children’s Workshop at the Farm: ‘the no-ending of the horse’s eyes’

Curious and creative, here’s the home ed group who attended this morning’s poetry workshop at Acton Scott.

Home Ed workshop group at workI equipped everyone with one of my patent little folded books apiece, and we set off to explore the farm.  On the way we stopped and read Diana Hendry’s poem ‘What is the Pond Doing?’, and then Kit Wright’s poem ‘The Magic Box’.  The children were aged from 14 down to 7.   Here’s what we came back with.  I particularly liked Alanna’s ‘the no-ending of the horse’s eyes’; Loretta’s ‘their hooves are like furry rough stones on the hard earth’; Mollie’s cockerel that has ‘black eyes,so black, so brown’; and Jenna – ‘I love the butterfly’s beating wings’.

Then I invited them to send me poems for The Poetry Fence, my fingers are crossed…
Home Ed workshop Loretta's bookLittle book Mollie Home Ed workshop little book Jenna Home Ed workshop little book no ending horse's eyes Alanna Home Ed workshop Mollie's book 2 Home Ed workshop little book 2 Home Ed workshop Loretta's book2

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