Two Views from the Top of a Shire

Charlie & Joe at work CropToday I was so privileged to witness two very young children’s responses in words to the rare experience of being placed up on the back of Charlie, a Shire horse.  Charlie is on the left in this photo.

So here below is Huxley’s poem, and Huxley himself, 3 years old, who told me all about it.  I wrote down his words and made a poem for him and his family.  It was, and is, a delight.     Poem Charlie by Huxley


Poem Charlie &  Huxley

Huxley and his poem

Just a little later Lucy and her mum arrived in the Shepherd Poet’s Hut, and it was so lovely to hear her talk about Charlie too.  Her experience was so fresh in her memory she gave me some wonderful words:
They let me go under the chain.
The man lifted me
onto the Charlie horse.
I went as high as a kite…

Poem Lucy on steps

Lucy and her poem

Here’s Lucy, with her poem to take home with her, and her Mum, in the doorway of the Shepherd Poet’s Hut.




1 thought on “Two Views from the Top of a Shire

  1. We had the most fantastic time at Acton Scott Historic Farm, with Charlie the Shire being the highlight for Lucy. It was lovely to sit with Jean and let Lucy think about her experience and put it into words. She had so much time for us and made us feel special. Thank you Jean !

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