A Poem on Horseshoes, and the Weight of Luck

20Apr Simon & CharlieI was talking to Simon, Horseman at Acton Scott, while he cleaned out Charlie’s enormous hoof, about farriery, iron and the different traditions of luck attached to horseshoes.  Simon wondered aloud whether luck was lighter, or heavier than air.

I knew this was a poem, and have been writing it in snatches on trains and in the early morning.  In the end, I’ve made it a little book (with thanks due to poet and artist Stevie Ronnie, with whom I started making the book during Wenlock Poetry Festival.).  So here it is, I hope you like it.

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3 thoughts on “A Poem on Horseshoes, and the Weight of Luck

  1. is it an object, is it a poem. It’s very lovely. At least it isn’t performance poetry. Having, as I do an unexplored passion for heavy horses, I am very interested.

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