‘the pole bent down like a goose’s neck’…

Easter Monday brouShepherd Poet's Hut mrght sunshine to my Shepherd Poet’s Hut.  Yesterday’s poems are all fluttering inside it, and today brought many more.

First I put up the poems that are already coming in for our Poetry Fence… to see them click here for the Poetry Fence Page.

George and Half&Half Pig mr

The Easter Sunday piglets had admirers gathered around them all day.  This is George, with the quite remarkable Half-and-Half Pig.  He’s half Tamworth (dad) and half Old Spot (mum).  It’s as if he’s been dipped in chestnut paint up to his middle.  I can’t count the number of people who asked me to write a poem about him, so I am.

Ansel (6) was very taken with the hens and the Shell crack poem Anselwhole question of eggs and chickens.  He wrote:
Shell crack
Shell crack
Chicken inside
Peck, peck, peck!


Elin (9) came to the Shepherd Poet’s Hut straight from the bodger and his Elin 'Pole Lathe'pole lathe, lucky for me, because she proceeded to write a wonderful poem.  I was able to go over later, and read her poem to the bodger himself, and a group of visitors who were watching him. They loved it.

Elin & poemHere is Elin, sitting on the step with her poem.





Catherine's Found Farm Poem mr


And this is Catherine’s Found Farm Poem, created from my Found Farm Boards, with additions she chose herself from the Seed Poem Tray.  I noticed today there were many people, children and adults, just choosing words and phrases because they liked them.
We should do more of this.


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    Easter Monday at Acton Scott brought sunshine, the amazing Half-and-Half Pig, bushels of talented children and I even managed to watch a donkey scuffling a strawberry bed…

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