Easter Sunday: of eggs, luck and the pleasure of spring

20Apr Simon & CharlieEaster Sunday and the first day of #poetonthefarm at Acton Scott!  I stood with a group of early morning visitors watching Charlie getting his feet cleaned and trimmed by Simon.  Talk turned to shoeing and farriery, and cultural differences focused on which way up you nail a horseshoe.  Simon’s conversation provided me with an instant poem:

Is luck lighter
or heavier than air?
Which way up 
is the horseshoe?

I made m20Apr Zak poemy way back to the red Shepherd Poet’s Hut (just look for the bunting!) where I met Zak and his family.  Zak was into Egg Poems, and in no time at all he’d made his poem, which considers what’s in an egg, and the whole cycle of existence.

one chick dies
20Apr Evan poemone chick alive
next time I feel dead
                I’ll just hatch another egg

20Apr Finlay poem

After that it was just all go.  The Shepherd Poet’s hut filled with poets young and old.  I went with some of them to bottle-feed the lambs, read poems about chicks hatching, Stewart Conn’s poem about a travelling combine machine, a Ted Hughes poem about a young calf falling asleep…

And I wrote with visitors of all ages about hens, eggs, kitchens, lambs, the arrival of spring and how ‘green smothers black’… and a poem by 5 year old Eleanor, which I scribed.

I looked in a hedge
and saw a hen
on a nest.
The nest was as soft
as a lamb’s back.
Dark and warm, 
under the hen,
I imagine

20Apr Mazza & x BedfordshireThank you, all of you! Keep in touch with Acton Scott!  Lovely poets from Bedfordshire, Gretchen from Shrewsbury, please send me your short poems for an old farm – click here for more info – I want to publish them on our Poetry Fence!

20Apr Katy & Dave poems 20Apr Eleanor's poem in the making 20Apr Amelia poem

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